We're on a mission to capture the beauty of every iris.
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About Eyedentity

Eyedentity is the premier iris photography company in the United States, committed to providing the highest standards of quality in all of our products.

We founded Eyedentity to transform each person's genuine beauty and energy into an authentic original art piece. It's a celebration of self, a gift for someone you love, or simply an eye-catching conversation piece.

Assortment of multi-color iris photos of different sizes hangin on the walls of the eyedentity studio.
One of our photography technicians removes a single lustre finish print of a blue iris on black background.A close-up photo of a brown iris, with intricate patterns that resemble sand.A high-resolution photo of a single blue iris with intricate spider web like patterns through it.

Our mission is to perfectly capture the human iris in its natural beauty, with the light, lines and contours that make each iris one-of-a-kind.

We aim to deliver lasting, premium quality images that preserve the breathtaking landscape and vibrant colors of your iris.

We celebrate the iris as the beautiful part of your eye that it already is.

Announcing our USa tour

We're on a mission to capture the beauty of every iris.

see our tour schedule
Eyedentity studio with the exclusive camera system for taking iris photos in the center and about 10 iris photos hanging on the wall.