We're on a mission to capture the beauty of every iris.
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Do I need an appointment?

Walk-ins are available at our Mall of America location, although reservations are highly recommended. All other locations are by appointment only.

Why do you need my credit card information?

No-shows are quite disruptive to our business. If you cannot honor your reservation, and you do not cancel online or contact us to cancel your reservation ahead of time, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee according to our cancellation policy.

Why was my credit card charged after scheduling my appointment?

When you schedule an appointment online, we reserve your requested time slot without upfront payment. Some banks require us to place a small hold on your credit card account for the purposes of confirming your card details. This hold is typically $0.00 or $1.00, depending on your bank, and is removed before it settles on your account.

How long does the process take?

It only takes a few minutes to take your iris photo. Our appointments are in 15 minute time blocks. This gives time for us to review and customize your image during your visit.

When will I get my prints?

Please allow 10-14 business days from the date of your reservation for your order to be processed. Delivery times will vary from 4-7 business days from the date the package(s) leave our warehouse.

Will I get a digital copy?

Due to our commitment to quality, we do not offer a digital copy of your iris photo.

Can I order a reprint?

Absolutely. Just send us an email at hello@eyedentity.photos with your request.

Do you offer gift cards?

Unfortunately, pop-ups are not allowed to offer gift cards.

Do you photograph children?

We photograph children ages 5 and up.

Do you photograph pets?

We do not photograph pets.

Still need answers?

Message us on instagram, tiktok or email at hello@eyedentity.photos.

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We're on a mission to capture the beauty of every iris.

see our tour schedule
Eyedentity studio with the exclusive camera system for taking iris photos in the center and about 10 iris photos hanging on the wall.