We're on a mission to capture the beauty of every iris.
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What is iris photography?

Iris photography uses cutting-edge camera technology to capture the tiny nuances of the human eye and transform it into a piece of art. Taking a photo of your iris is as easy as an eye exam.

Each iris photo is hand-edited to reveal the unique structure and aspects of the eye not visible in normal photographs. Your eye becomes the focal point in the creation of an amazing portrait that will last for generations.

A photo of a blue and orange iris hangs on a wall in an office loft with a desk and chairs.A cozy couch sits in the middle of a living room, and a dog lies on it. Photos of iris hang on the wall above the couch.
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The finished image is then printed in various formats and materials including Lustre finish, Chromaluxe metal panel, or turned into our signature wearable art.

Human eyes are endlessly fascinating, each one as unique as a fingerprint. Not only do our eyes help us to see the world, but they are one of the most defining characteristics we have.

Iris photos are a great way for couples to express their love, as a gift for a parent or grandparents, or as a way to capture family members in a more artistic form. Create mesmerEYESing art out of your irises.

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We're on a mission to capture the beauty of every iris.

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Eyedentity studio with the exclusive camera system for taking iris photos in the center and about 10 iris photos hanging on the wall.